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I need help!!

I have been successful in the installation of EL CAPITAN with this guide but when i boot windows partition (in the clover bootloader) appears a black sreen with a cursor 

I tried to install windows for first and then install OSX in other partition but appears the same problem.

OSX it works perfectly but I can not boot windows partition or installer

I need a guide for dual boot in same hard drive


Sorry for my bad English

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I did this:

-created a USB OSX installer

- install clover into USB installer

- add kexts into efi partition

- boot a USB installer

- create 2 partition (1 for osx and 1 for win)

- install osx in osx partition

-install clover into osx partition

-reboot , in bios menu add "new boot"


Now I installed OSX on my computer and everything works. The system boot clover and I can start the osx


if I insert the USB installer with Windows in uefi mode, clover detects the USB but not start the installation of windows


Now what should I do to install wind in the second partition?

Can you write a little guide?

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I have a fully functional OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, now I want to do update to El Capitan.
Rufabf, can you make a "update guide", what I need to make this update? In first post you wrote example how to install OS X from beginning, but what with updates?
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