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ok ASUS ppl told me to take it to their service center to clear CMOS Battery...but im out of warranty on this one and dont like taking it to service guys because they might screw it up other parts[ because its not in warranty] and thought of disassembling myself to clear CMOS ...i think its below 'left shift and Z' on keyboard...i even heard debug command in DOS to reset CMOS but it will be dangerous if i enter wrong codes[hex address in assembly language] would make it bricking the board...

chan1600 did you get to triple boot yours or you are using vmware/parallels desktop ?

Bronxteck ,will try regenerating sl.no.

thank you guys will let you know how it goes

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Just want to say a big thanks to rufabf for the original post, and to chan1600 for his guide on page 27.


I don't have the k55vm, I have Asus K55A SX376H - the shiny red one - Intel i5 3210m @2.5GHz HD4000


Chan1600's guide worked for me and all is good!


Only things not working are wifi 9485 (will swap out soon), Bluetooth (Bit disappointed because OP seems to have it working) and two finger gestures)


It has been years since I built a hackintosh so your guide really helped a rusty mind...


Anyone care to share if Bluetooth is possible and how? Also, does elanPS2 kext not support two finger gestures?


cheers Stu

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Oops, spoke to soon! Thought the audio was working but I just opened itunes to play an mp3 and got a hang on the mouse pointer after i hit play. the mouse pointer remains stuck and the laptop trackpad does nothing. The rest of the computer seems fine as i can use the keyboard, itunes seems to be playing but I have no audio from the speakers,


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I used the kexts from the beginning of this post, but i may have a slightly different alc?


Anyone know how i discover the exact identifier of my audio now that i have osx installed?


And does anyone know what kexts the applehda depends on?



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