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I‘m new here, sorry for my English.
I follow the post to install os x 10.13 on my asua k55vm.
I added a RAM of 4GB, so now it totally has RAM of 8GB.
And... I replace the hard disk with a SSD of 256GB, while placing the old hard disk to 'Optical drive' position.
Here are my steps:

  1. use 'transMac' to restore the  High Sierra dmg to a usb of 8GB, so there are a ESP partition(FAT32) and a non-formatted partition(probably HFS+?)
  2. download the EFI CLOVER ASUS K55VM HIGH SIERRA 27-09-17.zip attached in the post, extract it, got two directories: EFI and Apps
  3. Then I use DiskGenius to put EFI into the ESP partition of the usb.
  4. Then I boot from the usb and successfully entered the clover interface
  5. I choose the first option: install os x ... pressing space
  6. Then I checked the verbose option(or with safe mode) and selected "boot with the selected options"
  7. Then there are many log ... sometimes with errors and warnings
  8. After a while, the computer shutdown automatically or stop at an Error


The result:

When I checked the verbose option only, errors are like this:

<Error>: Service sets EnableTransactions=false and EnablePressuredExit=true, which make no sense. Enabling Transactions.
<Error>:DrainMessagesOnCrash is not yet implemented.If you rely on this key, please file a bug.
<Error>:The HopefullyExitsLast key is no longer expected. Please remove it.
<Error>:Could not read path: path = /Library/LaunchDaemons, error = 2: No such file or directory
<Error>:Failed to bootstrap path: path = /Library/LaunchDaemons, error = 2: No such file or directory
<Error>:Cound not read path: path = /Library/LaunchAgents, error = 2: No such file or directory
<Error>:Failed to bootstrap path: path = /Library/LaunchAgents, error = 2:No such file or directory

When I checked the verbose option and safe mode option, the result is:

Error allocating 0x30fa pages at0x0000000000c95000 alloc type 2
Error loading kernel cache (0x9)
Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting ...
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You appear to be using a High Sierra installation package of unknown origin or a distro. That's not advisable since you have no idea what modifications were made to that image. Try and obtain a genuine High Sierra installation package and proceed with a vanilla installation.

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