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    If you have installed OS X with iFail ML2 (crap!) and multifail (CRAP!), it is possible that EDP won't work as it should work. Please try doing a clean install based on our documentation.
  2. iMick


    On Google there are a lot topics about this. Have a look here, for example: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2571517?start=0&tstart=0 You could use this for example: do shell script "sudo /tmp/echome" with administrator privileges (I haven't tested it). If it doesn't work, try doing a Google search with. Automator + sudo. Or automator + run as root.
  3. What is exactly your problem? That you can only boot from USB to your installed Mountain Lion, and not from your main drive? Easy to fix! Boot your (installed) Mountain Lion from your USB. When booted, open myHack.app from the install USB. Choose Install myHack Utilities. When done, open again and choose: Install Chameleon. When done, open again and choose: Install Extra. Select the Extra from this first post. After this you should be able to boot from your hard drive, instead of your USB .
  4. Welcome on our forum, Ladyinvermont! AMD is always something that doesn't work nice with OS X, unfortunately. However with special kernels we are able to run Snow Leopard and Lion almost perfectly. Mountain Lion is also working, however with a lot graphic glitches for now. As you said, you have an AMD A6 serie with the AMD Radeon HD 7250G graphics. I'm afraid that we can't get your graphics working. For the AMD 7xxx desktops serie, there is just support from Mountain Lion. However working in Mountain Lion on an AMD is almost impossible, due to the graphic glitches. I'm also not sure that we can get your particular graphics chip working in OS X . However, you can try to install Snow Leopard or Lion. But you won't have graphics acceleration, which will make it slow and not very good usable.
  5. crabhunter, have a look here! > https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/76-applehda/ (+ instructions how to do it yourself! ). You could try, and if you can't get it working. Dinesh will be able to help you.
  6. You need the nForce kext . Have a look in our kext archive. http://storage.osxlatitude.com/?dir=kexts/ethernet
  7. iMick

    EDP Problems?

    Our apologies. There was an error on our database server. It should be working again now. First try using to update with update.command. If not working, try reïnstalling the full EDP package!
  8. Boot from the Nawcom disk and open Systemprofiler. (About this Mac > More Info). Save this and upload here. We will have a look .
  9. Could you make a screenshot of the /Extra/Extensions folder on your myHack drive? Because that kernel panic isn't possible with the contents of our bootpack..
  10. When do you get that Kernel Panic? Could you please be more specific! Because our bootpack already contains NullCPU, so you should be able to install and boot the first time!
  11. iMick

    Hi guy

    Thanks for your kind words, Anbole! We love to do it! If you have feedback, just let us know!
  12. Reinstall OS X with our guide. We don't support iFail .
  13. Without more details, we can't help you . Have you used the DSDT patch?
  14. You can install with our bootpack. (Just follow our documentation). But don't install EDP itself! Wait there and contact Dinesh, through the DSDT / SSDT topic, in the DSDT section of the forum.
  15. Ethernet should work. All other things should work after EDP . Could you send a screenshot of the contents in /Extra/Extensions. And open terminal and tick: myfix -t /Then try again .
  16. Please have a look at our EDP documentation .
  17. Specs look fine, so it is worth the try! What Hervé said, have a look in this topic: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/
  18. iMick

    EDP Problems?

    Have you updated EDP manually already? Open Finder, go to your /Extra folder. You see update.command. Run this! Please let us know if this will solve your problems!
  19. Have you exactly followed our EDP documentation? Because I don't see something like your third step in our documentation .
  20. How did you install OS X Go to Extra/Extensions or System/Library/Extensions and remove VoodooHDA.kext. Rebuild caches. This will solved your bootproblem and break your audio, temporarily. Just come back, when you can boot normal.
  21. Please contact Dinesh through this topic / mail. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/ We will create it for you .
  22. Have you installed our EDP package?
  23. Have a look in System Profiler . Or when tick lspci -nn in Terminal. (If lspci installed).
  24. Just install OS X with our EDP system! (bootpack) More information on this page > http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/documentation/ Dont run the post installation yet! First contact Dinesh to get your own SSDT tables! After that, your system will run perfect also!
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